Hub Security - How to enter the labor market in the world of information security and cyber in Israel?

Hub Security – The world of information security is a fascinating world that requires thinking outside the box and a lot of attraction to the field on the part of experts and the people who work in it. Understanding and controlling everything related to information and cyber systems security will enable stability in the high-tech labor market, multiple challenges and adequate pay. The easiest, fastest and safest way to enter the Israeli market is through information security studies which take place as part of a comprehensive information security course that aims to train the student and prepare him for the cyber world. As part of the cyber course, the student will be provided with practical tools and important elements, accompanied by senior high-tech people in cyber who have extensive experience of managing networks and information security at the highest levels.

Why study cyber and information security with Hub Security?

As part of a cyber course with Hub Security, each student will be exposed to a wide range of defense and attack methods in the cyber world while experiencing actions that mimic what is happening in the real world.

Official authority on behalf of the state

Hub Security is supervised by the Ministry of Labor and provides its students with state certification upon completion of the courses.

Practical courses

Course contents focus on laboratories and gaining practical experience through virtual virtual environments and simulations

Escort and personal relationship

Our students are VIP customers all the way and receive personal treatment from the faculty and knowledge center

Recordings and online lesson plans

In addition to the course, each student is given the opportunity to connect to lessons remotely and watch the lessons even after the course hours

The most advanced training facility in the country

Including assault simulator, advanced classrooms and more

Can I be accepted straight into a high-tech job after an information security course?

As with any course in any field, even when it comes to cyber studies – the chances of getting a quality job increase significantly.

Cyber bodies in Israel are eager to absorb new quality employees at all times! All of Hub Security’ students are at an excellent starting point for accepting a job in the cyber market in Israel who know the course and are aware of its great quality.

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